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About Us

We’ve been there ourselves and we understand you.

About Us
Our Story

Extranetwork is a solution provider that makes hotel and property management smart and simple. Our company was established in 2020 by two experienced hoteliers. Accumulated industry know-how and comprehensive market knowledge enable our founders to grasp what independent hotels and properties exactly need and what the main challenges are.

Extranetwork is a cloud-based channel management platform that helps hotels to increase their online presence and brand awareness, drive more traffic to their owned-channels, receive more bookings, improve overall revenue and profitability of their businesses.

Extranetwork is designed to address all of the struggles that independent hotels encounter on their busy daily operations. We help hotels to save time and money by automating data flows and processes. So, you do not have to bother to manually update on various channels.

We make things simple, so you do not need to focus on technology but your guests. Any of the Extranetwork products do not require prior experience or technical knowledge. Our user-friendly and guest-oriented tools support hotels to create a clear brand image, develop close relationships with their guests and create memorable experiences for them.